Christian Evangelical Mission International (CEMI)

CEMC in Towaco - Church Services Schedule

Sunday Worship | Sunday, 10:30 AM


Meets at 10:30 AM for both Chinese and English services.

The Chinese service is conducted mainly in Mandarin with English translation. However, the English service is solely conducted in English.

Ministries and Fellowships

Adult Sunday School

Sunday, 9:00 AM, Mandarin

Children's Sunday School

Sunday, 10:00 AM

Mandarin Bible Study      

1st Sunday of Month, 12:30 PM

Cantonese Bible Study 

1st Sunday of Month, 7:30 PM

Caleb Fellowship  

2nd Sunday of Month, 12:30PM

Prayer Meeting for Children

3rd Sunday of Month, 12:30 PM

Women's Fellowship(English)

3rd Sunday of Month, 12:30 PM

Sisters' Fellowship(Mandarin)

Last Sunday of Month, 12:30 PM

English Bible Study

Every Monday, 7:45 PM

Daytime Cantonese Bible Study

Every other Tuesday 10:00 AM

Senior Bible Study

2nd and 4th Tuesday of Month at 10:30 AM

Mandarin Wednesday Bible Study

Every Wednesday, 7:30 PM (Led by Pastor Moses Yang)

Taiwanese Bible Study

2nd Thursday of Month 8:00 PM

Renewal Fellowship

Every Friday evening 7:00 PM, for college students and college graduates.

Youth/Junior Fellowship         

Every Friday, 8:00 PM

English Adult Friday Night Fellowship  

Every Friday, 8:00 PM

Olive Fellowship

2nd Friday of Month, 8:00 PM (in Mandarin)

Men’s Fellowship                 

2nd and 4th Saturday of Month at 8:30 AM