Established Date: December 25, 1997

CEC BenidormIn April 1997, some new believers from Valencia went to Alicante to find jobs, because of their fervency for the Lord. They had influenced other people to have the desire for the gospel. On May 14, 1997, Ev. Joan Dan from the CEC in Valencia went to Atea to visit them. On that day, they established the Atea Bible Study group at the International Restaurant. The owner of the restaurant, Mr. & Mrs. Hu and another 4 people were baptized. Since May 21, Ev. Li and Ev. Ye continually went to Benidorm and the surrounding areas for visitation. In October, Rev. Hosea Chi served there for 2 months. On December 10, they had an evangelistic meeting led by Rev. Moses Yang and 5 members were baptized. On Christmas Day, they had a Christmas Service with 120 people. The CEC in Benidorm was formally established and pastured by Ev. Jian Wei Ye. From May, 1997 to April 2000, there are 49 people who are baptized. The average church attendance is 50-60 people. Aside from the Sunday Worship Service, there is one Bible Study group and a prayer meeting.