Established Date: July 1975

view church photo gallery We are the first of twelve Netherlands churches established under C.E.M. in Europe (formerly Chinese Evangelical Mission in Europe).

The church started with youth activities and gatherings and gradually developed to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We started adult Sunday worship, Sunday school and Youth Fellowship in Putse Poort neighborhood in southern Rotterdam. In two years, believers in Christ increased and the Chinese Evangelical Mission in Europe (abbreviated as the Mission below) was established in October 1974.

In early 1975 the Mission bought a property in the old Chinatown (Katendrecht) in Rotterdam as a base to spread the gospel. Our church was also formally established in July of that year. Since then the Church not only spread Gospel to the Chinese in the city of Rotterdam, but also take the responsibility in assisting the Mission to spread the gospel to all Netherland (such as publication of bimonthly periodical, the establishment of social services, Chinese schools and Dutch conversation classes, recreational and sports activities etc.), and expansion of the gospel ministry (such as pioneering youth evangelical outreach programs in den Hague, Utrecht and Amsterdam, etc.)

In September 1986 we moved to the center of Rotterdam at Boomgaardsstraat 232-248. There were three four-story buildings. They could be used for various meetings and activities of the Church on the one hand, and could be leased to Chinese communities for public gatherings and community activities. In ten years, the center was developing Gospel ministries and deeper life ministries in the church fellowships (such as Evergreen, brothers, sisters and young people, and children); it also encouraged the church members to actively participate in the local Chinese organizations and services (such as the Chinese Welfare Association, Chinese schools, the senior citizens\u2019 club and women\u2019s club, etc.) in order to practice the teachings of Christ to love the world.

In May 1997 the Mission joined the Evangelical Mission and Seminary International in North America (referred to as EMSI), the Church has changed its name to "EMSI in Europe CEME Rotterdam" (referred to as CEME Rotterdam). The Church has been established over three decades. The gospel needs among the "second generation" Netherlands Chinese is significantly increased. In early 1997, we started additional worship service in Dutch, (twice a month), so that we may reach out to Dutch speaking friends. In1999, EMSI headquarter in North America sent out a mission team to the Netherlands, to start gospel work in Breda and Bergen op Zoom; the Church took up the responsibility to build up CEMC churches there, sending preachers and brothers and sisters responsible for organizing, presiding meetings, and Sunday school, etc.. Now the two churches have grown steadily. There are over three hundred members in our church and the number of friends attending various fellowship are over a hundred. We thank God, who provided a new church building in the old Chinatown (Katendrecht) in September 2009. It can accommodate more people to listen to the Gospel. It also allows different gospel groups to have ample space for gatherings and continue to work for the Lord until His return.