Established Date: September 1999

On July 1999 Reverend Moses Yang led the co-workers and bible institute students from the North American headquarters to the Netherlands for a short missionary trip. This mission included three days of door to door visits in Breda and one evangelical meeting in the evening. The Holy Spirit worked greatly. From the people who were visited and the people who attended the meeting more than twenty believed in the Lord and were refreshed in the spirit. With the encouragement of reverend Yang, the church of Rotterdam was willing to send brother Kan Yun Tat and his wife and sister Tang Kam Fung to help reverend Chan to start the missionary work in Breda. The Lord also moved a brother and his wife to allow the use of their restaurant for gatherings. Some brothers and sisters from Breda who attended church meetings in Rotterdam also immediately participated in the ministry at Breda. In the same year in September the church of Breda began its Sunday worship and Sunday School.

Brother Kan Yun Tat and his wife and sister Tang Kam Fung were transferred back to the church of Rotterdam to minister. That is why reverend Lam Kok On took responsibility of the ministry in Breda in addition to his own ministry in Bergen op Zoom. Different places were rented to serve as places of worship.

During this period the church of Rotterdam sent voluntary evangelist Linda Chiu to help with the ministry of sisters and youth. The auditorium of elementary school Basisschool De Rietvink was rented every Sunday for Sunday Worship and Sunday school.

2011-until now
From 2011 onwards Linda Chiu became a full time evangelist and took responsibility for the missionary work of the Breda church. This allowed reverend Lam Kok On to focus on his ministry in Bergen op Zoom. In the same year a fixed meeting place was rented at Teteringsedijk 89 C in Breda,until October 2018 buy the current new Church building. In addition to Sunday Worship and Sunday school different gatherings were organized, including fellowships for exchange students, sister fellowships, brother fellowships, youth fellowships and several activities for evangelism, such as: Golden Years fellowship and Praise Dance.