Established Date: September 1999

On July of 1997, Rev. Moses Yang led several seminary students and co-workers from the North American CEM Headquarters to the Netherlands for a short term mission's trip. The trip included a three days visitation to families and one night evangelical meeting. The Holy Spirit worked wonders and moved those who were visited and those attended the meeting. They either accepted Christ or were revived. With the encouragement of Rev. Yang, CEC in Rotterdam offered to send evangelist Tang Kam Fung, and Mr. and Mrs. Kan Yun Tat, to assist Rev. Chan to develop the evangelical work in Breda. The Lord also moved Mr. and Mrs Lim Wuchiang to offer their restaurant as a place for worship. Some of the brothers and sisters from Breda in CEC in Rotterdam also followed to serve. In September, the CEC in Breda began to have Sunday worship and Sunday School.