Established Date: April 7, 1996


CEC South Madrid Yueh Yun Li was sent to Spain to start the CEC Church by the end of 1995. On April 7, 1996, the CEC in Madrid was established. The first meeting was at the Mission headquarter, after a few weeks, we rented a Spanish church. Half a year later the place for worship was not big enough so we have moved to a new site that November. The church started with 8 people and has now grown to 200 people today. There were 243 congregants who were baptized.

The average Sunday Service attendance is between 130-140 people. Aside from the Sunday Service, we have 4 Bible Study groups, prayer meeting, and youth group. The evangelists and staff members are: Yueh Yun Li, Jian Wei Ye (Assistant) and Yueh Kuei Lin Lee (Administration).