Established Date: February 28, 2004


CEC South MadridMadrid is the capital city of Spain and it is the center for politics, finance and culture. North Madrid is mainly financial and cultural, and people are more affluent than those in South Madrid. Houses in South Madrid are less expensive and many Chinese lived in this area. The CEC in Madrid South is situated in this area. The CEC Spain headquarters is in North Madrid, and it is not convenient to travel to North Madrid. We had plans to establish the South Madrid church for quite some time. Thank God that the CEC in Madrid South was established in 2004. Rev. Yang assigned Ev. Sophia Wang to help pastor the church, but because of the need in Barcelona, she was transferred to Barcelona. The CEC in Madrid South CEC in S Madridstarted constructing the church building in 2006, and the renovation and expansion was finished in 2007. By God’s guidance, the work of the ministry was expanded due to the unity of the co-workers and the total commitment of the church members. The church attendance has increased, but we need to continue to work hard and fulfill the commission set by our Lord.

When we started the CEC in Madrid South, we did not have any co-workers to serve, and only a few Christians. The CEC in North Madrid came to help for two years until we have our church building and services at the same time. Then our south Madrid church needed to have our own co-workers. Thank the Lord that He raised up a number of co-workers, everyone worked and served together harmoniously. When the church was dedicated in October 2006, we found out that the space was not enough. It can only seat 70 people. We need more space to expand the ministry; it is good that both sides of our building have empty space, but we can not find the landowner. Until one day a Spaniard came to sell chairs, although I hesitated first, but then decided to buy ten chairs to be put on stage. He then told me that his father own the empty house on the right. His father came to see us in December and we were able to rent the place at a reasonable price, and immediately did the renovation. By March of 2007, we were able to finish the expansion.

The CEC in Madrid South is a very young church and the CEC in North Madrid have supported us and we have grown steadily. During the four years, our church members are growing not only in number, but also in spiritual life. Our lives, careers, and families were blessed. The Psalmist David said: “Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain” (Psalm 127:1). Therefore, we will have abundant lives in Him. May the CEC Christians serve our eternal and True God in one heart, and have abundant blessings!