Established Date: August 2, 2009

IEC San Diego was started with a prayer meeting and Bible study on April 27, 2008 at one of member house. In the beginning we held this fellowship with a few people once a month. Until September 2008, we increased our fellowship to twice a month. Due to a need of spiritual growth and a need of a regular place for holding our regular fellowship, in March 22, 2009, we rented the chapel of First United Methodist Church in San Diego. Since then we have continued our fellowship weekly.

While we were having our fellowship, we continued to seek the guidance of God through our prayers for our future ministry in San Diego. From our observation and research, we found that there were many Indonesians residing in San Diego and around it. They need the gospel of Christ and spiritual guidance. Our vision and burden increased after we had seen the great need in this city. Therefore by the grace of God and the support of Christian Evangelical Mission in America, we had established the Indonesian Evangelical Church on 2 August 2009 with an opening service led by our Bishop, Rev. Moses Yang.

We thank God for his guidance and blessing upon this church that our church can continually grow in quantity and quality. In these past three years, God had added some new souls in this church and had raised up more people to serve Him.

Our vision and mission of our church is to “Reach out our community to reach the world”. We pray that God will continue to use our church as channel of blessing to reach out the Indonesian community as well as other community in the future in San Diego area.