Established Date: July 2020

In 2019, a sister in my online Bible Study suggested that we should reach out to the Chinese in Kita-Ku, Tokyo and preach the Gospel to them. So I (Evangelist Yang Xi) discussed it with Rev. Moses Yang who then commissioned me to begin that ministry in Kita-Ku, Tokyo. When I went to Tokyo, sister Wang Yu Xing received me, and allowed me to use her house to start a Bible Study.

In July 2020, Evangelist Dong Jinbo, who finished her study in EBI in the USA, was commissioned by Rev. Yang to serve with Evangelist Yang Xi in Kita-Ku, Tokyo to outreach to the Chinese there. Soon after, we started Sunday Worship Service in the home of sister Wang Yu Xing as well as a series of Bible teaching classes for those brothers and sisters who want to serve the Lord and preach the Gospel during the pandemic.

May the Lord lead us, and bless us so that we can be a blessing for many! May the Lord remember the brothers and sisters who give selflessly for the Lord’s work! May the Lord’s house prosper!