Evangelical Bible Institute (EBI)

General Information - Purpose

The Evangelical Bible Institute exists to prepare men and women for selected vocations in Christian ministry. It specializes in training pastors, missionaries and Christian educators. In addition to this primary objective, the Evangelical Bible Institute seeks:

1. To encourage the student to sustain a life of personal and ecclesiastical separation in conformity with biblical principles.
2. To help the student to gain a deep Christian sense of value for his spiritual life and to develop a well-rounded wholesome Christian personality through a greater knowledge of the inspired Word of God.
3. To provide the student with an intensive concentration in the Bible-centered curricula and to stimulate his interest in integrating all knowledge for effective Christian testimony.
4. To acquaint the student with the basic tools and techniques of research ordinarily associated with the field of Bible and theology; to teach him to engage in independent study; to encourage him to interpret his findings within the framework of a biblical world-view and their implications for contemporary life situation.
5. To challenge the student to practice those particular skills that are necessary in his chosen field of Christian service.