Mission Activities


Musical Evangelical tour in Azores

In May 2015, Rev. Yue Ping Chen in Portugal led a person living in Azores to the Lord. The gospel needs in Azores touched Rev. Chen. He and brothers and sisters prayed for the need in Azores and started preparation. On July 14, a group of thirty-two of them went to the islands for a four days and three nights musical evangelical tour. That evening, they held a musical evangelical meeting in Azores. More than sixty people attended the meeting and a few accepted the Lord. The evangelical work thus started.

Evangelical Outreach in the Northeastern Three Provinces of Holland between 2012 and 2013

In 2011, CEC Groningen in Holland reached out to the Chinese in the northeastern provinces of Holland to spread Gospel to them and by January 2013, we started monthly worship services, alternating between restaurants in Leeuwarden and in Bolsward. We had 8 attendance the first night in Bolsward, and 18 the second night in Leeuwarden. We were greatly encouraged. May God lead us in this service.

CEC Utrecht in Holland Gospel Outreach between 2009 and 2012

Veenendaal is about 45 km from Utrecht. Some church members of CEC Utrecht live in Veenendaal, some run business there. There are also many snack bars and restaurants run by Chinese in Veenendaal. In a September 2009 coworkers’ meeting, decision was made to start Bible study classes in Veenendaal. Then in September 2011, the coworkers decided to start a youth fellowship for children of restaurant owners. In 2012, after much prayer, the coworkers decided to start a church in Veenendaal. So on October 11, 2012, they signed a contract to purchase a church building. On October 20, 2012, the church dedication was held, and CEC Veenendaal was formally established.